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Connected lifestyles’ expectations identified

A connected society changes our lifestyles and creates new needs and expectations. Ericsson ConsumerLab’s Connected Lifestyles report identifies key success criteria for the services of tomorrow to satisfy these needs. Key findings describe emerging needs and present new opportunities.

The digital services market is continuously offering new apps and solutions that allow users to communicate, socialize, find information and make purchases online. Ericsson ConsumerLab has evaluated these emerging consumer needs, as well as a number of service concepts designed to satisfy them.

By interviewing smartphone users in three markets – Brazil, Indonesia and the US – ConsumerLab has identified seven key needs, which are seen as crucial to the success of new services. These are:

  1. Instant access everywhere – to suit their on-the-go lifestyles, users expect to have access to an array of services on demand and in real time.
  2. Customize my world – people are increasingly demanding personalized services and alerts that suit their lifestyles.
  3. Switching off – consumers will use technology to balance the "always-on" mentality by actively making time to switch off, relax and unwind. Consumers expressed an interest in services that can help them do this.
  4. Assisted productivity – people are interested in services that manage and coordinate their schedules.
  5. Enhanced togetherness – in their busy lives, friends and family will increasingly rely on technology to keep in touch, wherever they are.
  6. Consumers in control – people want to keep track of their spending, data usage and information updates, allowing them to spend more time on the important things in life.
  7. Location-based me – consumers are expressing a need to get information that is relevant to where they are at any given moment.

ConsumerLab tested several new service concepts in focus groups in all the markets studied. A common denominator for these concepts was that they help consumers reduce complexity, save time and reduce stress through centralized management, providing better control of spending and usage. On top of the seven key needs found in the study, top findings include:

  • Consumers expect simplicity of services that are intuitive and can integrate seamlessly with overall consumer behavior.
  • In order to be seen as truly mobile, services need to be customized in real-time, according to time and location of the consumer.
  • Consumer demands will open up new market opportunities, forcing actors in the connected landscape to look beyond existing offerings.

While users in all three markets actively use the internet for more than three hours per day, connectivity, user demands and willingness to pay for services varies greatly across the three countries.

Sofia Jorman, Senior Advisor at Ericsson ConsumerLab, says: "Sixty-nine percent of respondents in the survey showed interest in shared data plans In addition, smart subscriptions, which offers an overview of subscriptions and actual usage in one place is also highly appreciated by 59 percent of respondents. 54 percent of respondents found monitor and modify transactions, a service that provides an overview of personal financial transactions to be appealing. 52 percent of consumers thought that location based updates would provide control of data usage and spending. Finally, media recommendations, a service that lets consumers manage media services and website preferences appealed to 48 percent of respondents."

The report shows that good connectivity everywhere is the main factor encouraging consumers to adopt future services, making up more than a quarter of preference share among respondents. Next come shopping services, including paying with a mobile phone, and managing personal finances.

About ConsumerLab

Ericsson ConsumerLab gains its knowledge through a global consumer research program based on interviews with 100,000 individuals each year in more than 40 countries and 15 megacities – statistically representing the views of 1.1 billion people.

Connected Lifestyle report

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