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Living life in the Networked Society: Connected Paper

Connected Paper makes it easy for the individual to access information about anything with print on it by touching it. By touching the Connected Paper, the user is identified and will have access to specific information via their digital device.

In the video, Jan Hederen of Ericsson, demonstrates how through touching a carton of soup that is made from the Connected Paper he can see (on his digital device) the ingredients of the soup, the calorie count, how far the soup was transported and how far it was transported.

At 2014 International CES, Ericsson is demonstrating the experience of "Living Life in the Networked Society." Visitors to the Ericsson booth can see how different aspects of an everyday connected life are seamlessly stitched together, allowing each of us to share experiences with family, friends and colleagues – no matter where we are and how we are connected. Connected Paper is one example of this.