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See how operator roles will evolve with the Internet of Things

The IoT creates value by connecting devices and catering for the evolving needs of industry, society and users. This provides operators a great opportunity to reinvent themselves in a number of ways and provide a host of new value-added services.

By 2020, there could be as many as 100 billion internet-connected objects around the world. What effect will this have on industry and society?

This infographic provides a visual guide to the evolution in operator roles that will come about as a result of the IoT.

Ericsson offers operators support at every step of this transformation, helping them to adapt to new markets and challenges.

By taking a structured approach to the IoT and addressing every aspect of customer experience, Ericsson can help you adapt your operations and make the most from the intersection of IT, business and networks in the Networked Society.

Evolving Operator Roles infograph