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Ericsson and Guardtime create secure cloud and big data

Use of Big Data to secure greater business efficiencies and create new service offerings is front of mind for all businesses of all sizes.

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Matthew Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, Guardtime says that today data integrity does not exist on the internet. In the video, Johnson says that Ericsson is the only service provider that does have a data integrity offering and so his message to businesses is that concerns are well founded.

Traditionally businesses like to use physical data storage solutions for their important assets and information and to outsource that information to a service provider that they cannot see or touch is a difficult decision. Ericsson and Guardtime enables all businesses to monetize their data assets with confidence and knowledge of data history with immutable proof. Real time governance of cloud operations and data assets at scale is possible by using Guardtime's Keyless Signature Infrastructure in Ericsson's offerings.