Horizon Scan: ICT and the future of utilities

A new research report from Ericsson and Imperial College London examines the effects of ICT in reshaping the future of energy utilities markets.
  • ICT will play a fundamental role in the disruption of energy utility structures by enabling innovative methods of connection and coordination among community-based renewable energy installations.
  • Ubiquitous, affordable digital technologies create numerous new entry points into highly centralized and regulated energy markets, allowing both smaller entrants and consumers to seize power from established utility providers.
  • ICT systems, centered until now on supplying energy from just a handful of large producers, will soon need to balance supply from thousands of networked devices.
  • Integration of data across complex supply chains will create new opportunities for traceability, improved insurance models and reduced risk of accidents and environmental disasters.

These are some of the key transformational forces identified in the latest report in a series of horizon scans outlining the potential impacts of ICT on various industries. Based on in-depth research in collaboration with Imperial College London, the report identifies some of the major operating boundaries of current versus emerging utility industry structures and the role that digital technologies may play in crossing these thresholds.

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