Vast amounts of data streams and information needed to be analyzed, combined and actioned upon, creating a complexity that goes far beyond mere human management. Ericsson and Telstra have come up with a proposed coordination center of the future that empowers decision-making.

Existing Network Operations Centers, currently managing the complexity of cellular networks, are well placed to evolve and take a leading role in managing the Networked Society. Their role could be expanded to co-ordinate the delivery of other essential services.

Ericsson’s vision is to further evolve Operating Support Systems /Business Support Systems to introduce new capabilities to transform our existing Network Operations Centers. The next step is to enable people working in the Centers to manage complex cross-domain operational service delivery. The objective at the heart of the vision is to tackle the ever-growing complexity of such system of systems and to deliver a co-ordinated outcome.

This Co-ordination Centre of the Future public safety emergency response scenario has been developed in conjunction with Telstra.