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Ericsson announces world-leading launches ahead of Mobile World Congress 2014

Discover which solutions and applications will be shown at the event.

Mobile World Congress 2014, the largest industry gathering of its kind, will see Ericsson showcasing a number of solutions and applications including:

  • Small Cell as a Service, which enables increased network capacity in environments where large numbers of people gather and consume large amounts of data and also seamlessly combines 3G/4G with carrier-grade Wi-Fi and allows for the monetization of dedicated media content, advertising and over-the-top services
  • the Future TV Anywhere platform, which integrates Pay TV service quality and content depth, with the personalization, interactivity and multiscreen viewing capabilities of OTT services
  • Service Agility, which makes it easier for operators to collaborate with an ecosystem of partners, suppliers and application developers, facilitating faster launch of a much broader range of innovative products and services
  • A new unified management system designed to deliver high-performing networks that are adaptive to changes in world outside of what operators can control which manages full network scope for mobility, transport and IP in one solution
  • Telecom Cloud Transformation consulting practice which will use innovative methodologies and tools to transform technology and process environments.