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Ericsson power modules lowers inventory costs with ultra-wide voltage module for radio applications

New DC/DC modules feature ultra-wide output voltage range from 10V to 33V to power wide radio-frequency power amplifier applications. Flexibility with parallel and series mode of operation available reduces inventory costs. Enhanced thermal layout improves power dissipation for cold-wall assembling. Isolation simplifies implementation in three-wire telecom systems.

Ericsson has introduced a new DC/DC converter module that has been designed to power radio-frequency power amplifier (RFPA) applications. Key to the new PKU4116C module is flexibility with its ultra-wide adjustable output voltage from 10V to 33V. This meets specifications as defined by the Antenna Interface Standards Group (AISG), which mandates a 10–30V input voltage range to power active RF antennas and base stations. In addition, the PKU4116C delivers power up to 100W and an output current of 3.3A, making it ideal to power RFPA applications that use semiconductor technologies such as Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor (LDMOS) or Gallium Nitride (GaN).

"Whereas ‘central office’ equipment is primarily cooled via ventilation, RFPA modules need to employ thermal conduction via ‘cold wall’ techniques, exchanging heat with the external environment,” said Patrick Le Fèvre, Marketing and Communication Director of Ericsson Power Modules. “This requires that all components assembled inside the RFPA are design optimized for conduction cooling. The PKU4116C’s layout uses advanced techniques developed by Ericsson to drain the heat from components via ferrites interfaced to the cold wall."

Benefiting from the ultra-wide output voltage, board power designers can significantly reduce inventory by adjusting the PKU4116C to specific voltages within the 10V to 33V range. Outputs can be interconnected in parallel when higher current is required, and in series to double the output voltage to power 50V or even higher power transistors. The combination of the wide output range and serial operation simplifies design and reduces time-to-market.