Horizon Scan: ICT and the Future of Transport

A new research report from Ericsson and Imperial College London explores the impacts of ICT in transforming the future of road logistics and commuter travel.
  • The use of technology may be as effective as doubling or tripling the physical road capacity in some cities
  • The deeper integration of ICT into the transport sector opens new entry points for players of all kinds, in particular the ICT manufacturers who are now critical parts of automotive manufacturers’ supply chains
  • End users are now integral parts of the transport value chain, both as contributors of data and as real-time monitors of infrastructure performance
  • The information gained from drivers, vehicles and infrastructure is transforming transport services, business models, maintenance and insurance systems while giving end users more power to influence the organizational forms and disruptive applications now emerging

These are some of the key insights from the latest report in a series of horizon scans outlining the potential impacts of ICT on the transformation of various industries. Based on in-depth research in collaboration with Imperial College London, it outlines some of the major operating boundaries of current versus emerging industrial structures and the role that digital technologies may play in creating innovative new transport solutions in the Networked Society.

Read the report: ICT & the future of transport