A new research report from Ericsson and Imperial College London examines how near-ubiquitous access to ICT and information is transforming relationships between consumers and retailers.


  • Big data and information value chains from M2M and IoT technologies are allowing retailers to respond significantly faster to fine-grained real-time information about consumers.
  • Enhanced local data and digital communications channels allow micro-enterprises to rapidly target and fulfill niche demands, creating potentially disruptive new micro supply chains.
  • Personalized and customized products are increasingly viable due to digitally enabled ordering and manufacturing systems including 3D printing.
  • Emerging "sharing economy" platforms extend the after-market life of products and create entirely new service models for individuals, entrepreneurs, retailers and manufacturers alike.

These are just a few the technological forces currently driving change within retail, as identified in the latest horizon scan outlining the potential impacts of ICT on various industries. Based on in-depth research in collaboration with Imperial College London, the report identifies some of the key digital enablers creating systemic transformation within the retail sector.

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