With the reality of 5G quickly approaching, a new unprecedented array of connected devices and offered services require us to take a fresh look at Operations and Management.


The ever increasing number of connected users and devices within the Networked Society create a wealth of new innovative opportunities for leading service providers. 5G, coupled with efficient and facile management, will be crucial in enabling these agile, innovative business models.


Christian Olrog

Christian is an Ericsson Expert in Cloud Service Delivery Architecture. He holds a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. With more than 15 years of experience in technologies and management related to telecom and enterprise Christian is a key driver of said areas. He is currently employed as Chief Architect at Business Unit Support Solutions, Ericsson AB.

Jan Höller

Jan Höller is a Principal Researcher at Ericsson Research where he has the responsibility to define and drive research and technology strategies. He specializes on the Internet of Things as well as Management aspects across Industries & Society and including 5G Systems, all with a focus on Business Transformation using ICT. Jan was an early promoter of Internet of Things and M2M at Ericsson by establishing the research activities in the area a decade ago, and made significant contributions to Ericsson’s early portfolio and standardization strategies. He has been active in a number of international research programs on the Internet of Things, and is co-author of the book “From Machine-to-Machine to the Internet of Things: Introduction to a New Age of Intelligence”. Jan also serves as secretary on the Board of Directors at the IPSO Alliance.