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A new era of PaaS – speed and safety for the hybrid cloud

Current approaches to cloud require a trade-off between speed and safety. This impacts the ability of large enterprises to fully embrace the cloud for business-critical workloads.

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A new era of platform as a service (PaaS) is required to eliminate this trade-off and combine the best aspects of PaaS for deployment and orchestration with a new policy-driven approach to ensure IT governance and control.

This new type of platform should implement a policy-driven approach to deploying, orchestrating and governing diverse workloads across multiple cloud infrastructures, building on an enterprise-wide digital industrialization strategy to modernize, transform and automate IT for growth and competitive differentiation.

Every enterprise is now in the software business. The opportunity for unprecedented levels of industry disruption and growth, spurred on by the Networked Society, is creating the need for enterprises to move faster. A new era of PaaS is critical to unlocking new economies of cloud and enabling enterprises to create true strategic competitive differentiation through software innovation.

A new era of PaaS – speed and safety for the hybrid cloud

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