There are growing expectations on how interactivity will benefit society. The Internet of Things will not only raise our quality of life - but above all it is a great business opportunity.


Internet of Things (IoT) will revolutionize our lives and business models. When smart products are connected, we can have a connected life that opens doors to new business opportunities and disruptive ideas involving things yet to be named, and markets yet to be discovered.

IOT will bring a lot of automation to everything that is connected through the Internet. We are going from stovepipe solutions to a connected life. For instance, cars that communicate with each other and with other elements on the road can save lives and solve traffic congestion problems; a coffee machine and a car heater connected to your morning alarm can make life smoother.

To capture evolving business opportunities it’s important to understand all the dimensions. And this is happening right now. In a few years, we will look back on all this and say "that was when it all started". Ericsson has brought together thought leaders to weigh in the Internet of Things ecosystem. So take a look into the future – a future that is already here!