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Next-generation data center infrastructure – making hyperscale available

In the Networked Society, enterprises will need 10 times their current IT capacity - but without 10 times the budget.

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The companies that have already accomplished this transformation are public cloud providers such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, among others, who have developed their own hyperscale computing approaches. Operators and enterprises can also adopt hyperscale infrastructure that enables a more optimized lifecycle management and a lower total cost of ownership.

The introduction of hardware disaggregation breaks the three- to five-year refresh cycle, enables the replacement of components that benefit most from refresh and eliminates forced replacement of entire systems.

The approach outlined in this paper creates the opportunity for a competitive economic, operational and technical solution to deliver on the future needs of hyperscale infrastructure. The concluding industrialization cycle represents a continuous operational improvement model that, if followed, creates total improvement rather than short-term strategy.

This paper was developed in collaboration between Ericsson and Intel.

Next-generation data center infrastructure – making hyperscale available

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