Professor Mischa Dohler of King’s College, London describes two disruptions th are making a huge impact on the telecom industry and beyond.


Dohler sees two major telecom disruptions going on: one within the industry itself, and the other with how telecom interacts with other industries, where the perception of the value the industry brings is being totally changed.

He describes the first disruption as a “very painful transition” in the sense that it’s not easy to step back from the whole hardware notion of the telecom infrastructure and rather focus on the software notion. But, Dohler says, it is a disruption that is now enabling totally different applications at the order and magnitude more powerful than we’ve seen before.

“It’s less about boxes and bases stations; it’s now a lot about software analytics, capability of reconfiguration and all that,” he says. “It’s a very big shift from what we have seen in the last years.”

The other disruption that Dohler sees happening is that the telecom industry tries to reach out to other different industries. "It is not only about people anymore, but about connecting the larger piece of this planet," he says.