Experience the evolution of 5G at Mobile World Congress 2016

On the eve of Mobile World Congress 2016, Sara Mazur, Vice President, Head of Ericsson Research, shares her thoughts about 5G Standardization and other innovations to be presented in Barcelona.

Ericsson is the industry driver for the evolution of 5G. We have been investing in 5G research for several years and have now come to an important milestone in its evolution. We are moving towards standardization, in which the ICT industry is beginning to agree on technical specifications, performance, and requirements.

5G will enable the full potential of the Networked Society. We want Ericsson customers to exploit all the capabilities that 5G has to offer, from very low latency, much greater density and speed, with more bandwidth than ever, to network slicing and application optimized networks. I am looking forward to showing our achievements to our visitors at Mobile World Congress 2016 as a way of helping both new and existing customers to build their innovation platforms.

We have been working in all technology domains of the network to really make sure we deliver on the expectations with 5G, with radio access, core and control layers, as well as media and cloud. We have put a lot of effort into industry pilot projects all over the world to really make sure we understand how to leverage 5G in the digitalization of industries. We have been working with the automotive and transport industries, as well as manufacturing, safety and security, energy and more.

Academia is part of all pilots to make sure we also address the long-term research challenges we identify. The pilots listed below are highlights from a number of projects that have not only provided us with valuable insights and experience on how to use 5G for industries, but they have also greatly strengthened our partner ecosystem:

With 5G, ecosystems will look different from today, perhaps completely different. New players will add value and new business models will appear but one thing will remain: 5G will be the network that connects things, services, and people.

Don’t miss the chance to learn all about some of our latest innovations within 5G, Internet of Things, and cloud – all areas that build on research my team has been involved in over the past few years. Some of the demos we’ll be presenting in Barcelona are really exciting and show the results of world-leading research based on the usage of 5G and cloud in combination, including tactile internet, automation, and analytics. I am so proud of what we are doing and I really look forward to show the world our lead in 5G.

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Written by:

Sara Mazur

Sara Mazur
VP and Head of Research, Ericsson

Sara Mazur is Vice President and Head of Research at Ericsson. Sara completed a Master’s degree in science, a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, and is also an appointed Associate Professor in Fusion Plasma Physics – all at Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Sara was previously Head of System Management within Ericsson’s Business Unit Networks, focusing on unit-wide technology, research coordination, and strategic management. She has held many other management positions and is a dedicated driver of the development of the telecommunications industry with 69 granted patents. Sara has authored several academic papers and is a co-author of the book Handbook Of Antennas In Wireless Communication (CRC Press, 2001).