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Interactive app coverage demo shows user network experience

Each app has its own coverage map. With this demo experience how app coverage works in a realistic virtual city environment. Compare coverage maps for apps such as messaging and video streaming interactively.

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Use the interactive App Coverage Demo to explore how each app has its own coverage map based on its network performance requirements and a given traffic load.

  • The coverage shrinks as the user increases the traffic load and/or switches to a more demanding app
  • The coverage expands when the user increases the network capabilities by:
    • improving the macro layer through additional spectrum and Carrier Aggregation.
    • densifying the macro network with additional macro sites.
    • adding indoor solutions to improve performance both indoors and in surrounding areas through load-balancing between the small cells and the macro layer.

Some 40 percent of global mobile traffic runs through networks we have supplied and we are continuously measuring network performance. Ericsson SmartphoneLab measurements of app requirements were used by Ericsson Research as input for demo simulations of app coverage in a realistic urban environment.

The app coverage approach enables the integration of coverage, capacity and quality into a holistic view of network performance relative to app requirements .

Try the interactive demo! Start it here.