Simplifying TV/Video delivery over different platforms

In today’s fragmented media landscape there are several different technology platforms for delivering video content to consumers: satellite, cable, terrestrial TV, and fixed/mobile broadband. As TV evolves, it will be critical for service providers to harness the various benefits of these platforms through a hybrid approach to simplify current complexities and to offer a true seamless experience.

User experience and cost efficiency can be improved by combining personalization and interactivity functionalities through a broadband connection with broadcasting over satellite or terrestrial TV. Popular shows with high viewing numbers will be broadcasted, while Video-On-Demand (VoD) services like Netflix and niche linear TV content will be delivered via broadband unicast technology. In such hybrid solutions, the mobile and fixed broadband connections complement each other for at-home coverage, while mobile networks, including LTE broadcast, will ensure coverage for smartphone users on the move. Hybrid solutions will also enable more efficient use of terrestrial TV spectrum.

Already today deployments of satellite/terrestrial-TV and mobile broadband hybrid solutions enable attractive interactive TV and broadband solutions. Evolved 4G and 5G is going to play a crucial role in enabling mobile video to grow much faster than any other network traffic in the next few years. New mobile technologies for home usage, such as portable gateway with self-adjusted directional antennas, will significantly reduce mobile broadband delivery costs. This will make mobile broadband a cost-efficient alternative to fixed broadband for hybrid deployments.

Reflections by Ericsson

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Written by:

Gordon Castle

Gordon Castle
VP Media, Ericsson CTO office

Gordon’s role at Ericsson is to maintain a strategic viewpoint on media-focused products, technology and services across all our business units. He has more than 25 years’ experience from the media industry and has enabled numerous clients and colleagues to embrace technology and innovation. Prior to joining Ericsson, Gordon held senior positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers, CNN Technology, and Turner Broadcasting System – a Time Warner Company.