Staying relevant in the new media landscape

Media is predicted to make up more than 70 percent of mobile network traffic by 2020 and mobile video traffic is expected to grow 14 fold during the same period. Video is expected to become one of the most powerful forms of communication and we predict that it will drive the evolution towards a converged media experience.
Feb 08, 2016

The rise of vertical media ecosystems and changing consumer behavior is merging traditional and new media business models with the largest growth on mobile platforms. These ecosystems will benefit from deep insights originating from personal information and big data generated within them, helping them to be further improved, personalized, and with targeted offerings and services.

The need to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive and personalized landscape will put new demands on the speed and efficiency of change and implementation. This, along with cost efficiency and new consumer requirements, is also triggering a shift from hardware- to software-based solutions. The drive to improve flexibility and cost effectiveness is likely to move many service providers to managed services for parts of their operations.

All these changes, including shifts in technology such as the cloud and the move toward IP, UHD (Ultra High Definition), and next-generation networks will doubtlessly transform the industry and pave the way for new media experiences and players.

Reflections by Ericsson

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Written by:

Gordon Castle

Gordon Castle
VP Media, Ericsson CTO office

Gordon’s role at Ericsson is to maintain a strategic viewpoint on media-focused products, technology and services across all our business units. He has more than 25 years’ experience from the media industry and has enabled numerous clients and colleagues to embrace technology and innovation. Prior to joining Ericsson, Gordon held senior positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers, CNN Technology, and Turner Broadcasting System – a Time Warner Company.