Meet our experts

As we pave the road to the future, our industry-leading innovators are driving us every day. Meet some of the experts that makes Ericsson work.

Thomas Noren, Head of 5G Commercialization

“I have a hard time to see something more exciting than the future of 5G.”

Marie Hogan, Head of Broadband & IoT

"If you play a strong role, you can influence the future."

Erik Josefsson, Head of Advanced Industries

"When I began working with advance industries, we didn't call it IoT, we called it machine-to-machine communication. And that is where my passion came for industries. And it's only grown since then."

Gaurav Dixit, Head of Automation & AI Development

"We are on a mission to move from reactive operations towards proactive operations."


Elena Fersman, Research Director AI

"The future is taking machine learning and machine reasoning and marrying the two together."


Jonas Åkeson, Head of Automation & AI

“We are entering the 4th industrial revolution and Ericsson will be the one that automates the telecom industry.”​


Preeti Nagarajan, Head of Strategy Networks

“I work towards creating a vision for networks for 2023.”  

Cristian Norlin, Head of Design and Technology at Ericsson ONE

“The way I see it, the Sustainable Development Goals are massive clues to what the world is struggling with.”


Per Narvinger, Head of Product Area Networks

“Everyone will of course ask about 5G…the exciting thing will be the new use cases and the new business models.”