Preeti Nagarajan

Preeti Nagarajan

Preeti is Head of Strategy for Networks at Ericsson since December 2018.

She is responsible for the business development of the networks operations and provides strategic direction to how the company invests in existing and future networks portfolio. Prior to her role, she headed up R&D for multi-standard radio and indoor products, contributing to advancing the company vision through innovation, technology, and sustainable business solutions. She also led Industry Area Telecom at group level working with diverse telecom strategies, and thought leadership for next-generation technologies such as 5G. Nagarajan joined Ericsson in 2006 as a systems engineer and trainee.

She has held various leadership positions as well as worked within customer project management, strategic product management and portfolio strategy in Sweden and in Japan.

Prior to Ericsson she worked with broadband access networks and was a network engineer intern at Verizon in the US. She graduated from Madras University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering. She holds a Dual Master’s degree from University of North Texas and has specialization in Wireless Communication from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Her interests include antenna spotting, cycling, photography and singing.

Latest from Preeti

"'Preeti, you can't decide to leave India without getting married, it's for your own security!´

I was 19 and considering options for my future. I adored my parents, yet for some reason, this time I could not palate their advice. That was the first time I was aware of social limits laid on me because of my gender and local social traditions in India at that time. At that crossroad of making my first real life decision somewhere deep down, it was clear to me – I wanted to be different."

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