Demonstrating our 5G potential at O2’s Blue Door Conference 2019

Ericsson UK recently took part in O2’s Blue Door Conference at London’s famous venue The O2 to present 5G demos showcasing the technology’s industry and society potential.

Oct 29, 2019
Woman wearing VR glasses

With over 800 customers in attendance, O2’s second annual business conference gathered key players in the industry to dive deep into a number of key topics, such as the path towards a digital workspace, cybersecurity, customer satisfaction, and an in-depth discussion on 5G trends, technologies, and expectations for the new era of connectivity.

Attracting considerable interest, Ericsson exhibited its three 5G demos to showcase some of the technology’s diverse possibilities and benefits. As one of its demonstrations, the company’s Mixed Reality demo showcased how augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) can contribute to better dialogues surrounding proposed developments as well as open up entirely new possibilities for citizen engagement and decision-making.

The second demo, Ericsson’s Digital Twin utilized 5G to virtually bring users to the manufacturing line. In this demonstration, the connection enabled by 5G presented levels of quality able to deliver such vivid details as vibrations, temperature, pressures, and absorptions, allowing users to optimize complex processes and production scenarios.

Finally, a number of 3D-printed models using AR were employed to further portray how 5G and IoT can influence the agriculture, logistics, and transportation industries – just to name a few.

Marielle Lindgren, Head of Ericsson UK & Ireland, said: “The O2 Blue Door conference represented an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the broad spectrum of benefits that 5G and IoT can bring to such an influential audience in the UK. With these demos we were able to spark the imagination of how 5G can transform businesses in the UK and drive the development of new ecosystems towards 5G.”

Brendan O'Reilly, Chief Technology Officer at O2, said: “5G has the potential to change the way businesses of all types operate – and working collaboratively with partners to deliver a customer-orientated network is a central part of this for us here at O2. We were very pleased to welcome Ericsson to our Blue Door Conference, with demos that showcased in real-time some of the incredible possibilities 5G brings to business.”

Niel Schwartz, VP Key Account Manager for O2, Ericsson, said: “The Blue Door Conference was a great opportunity to support our partner O2 in demonstrating the potential which 5G can bring to our industries and societies.”

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