Ericsson Hungary demonstrated 5G at Budapest’s ITU Telecom World 2019 

At the successful return of Budapest’s ITU Telecom World tradeshow, Ericsson presented a live 5G test network in Hungary with Magyar Telekom.

Sep 13, 2019
ITU Telecom World 06

Inaugurally launched in 2015, this year’s ITU Telecom World 2019 served as the second commencement of the global ICT platform for governments, corporations, and small and medium-sized enterprises from around the world to display innovative solutions, network, and share knowledge. Held in the venue Hungexpo from September 9 to 12, this year’s event featured a strong focus on 5G and, with a number of presentations and demonstrations that gave attendees the chance to experience the potential of 5G’s low latency and unprecedented data transfer rates. 

Ericsson Hungary’s exhibit, located at stand number 502C in Hall G, displayed a live Ericsson 5G network. It used 5G radio devices from the Ericsson Radio System portfolio which enabled operators to adapt and upgrade their current network infrastructures in a dynamic and flexible way, also exhibited at the Ericsson stand.

Visitors could view demonstrations and gain information from Ericsson personnel at the stand, seeing Industry Connect in operation and experiencing first-hand the range of opportunities offered by the new technology and its functionalities. One Ericsson 5G demonstration showed watchers how a remote ultrasound scan can be administered with a haptic glove between an ambulance and a hospital. 

Visitors saw for themselves how 5G technology can open new horizons in cloud-based technology and application development. In another of its 5G demos, the company presented a hexapod robot with smooth, swift limb movements. After switching to 4G speeds, the limb movements could be seen to grow jerky and clumsy, painting a vivid picture for the potential improvements that could be made using 5G in a factory environment, where the smooth and simultaneous operation of automated robots can greatly affect production. Low latency 5G networks make it possible to move fast yet calculation-heavy algorithms from machines into the Cloud, making operations more cost- and energy-efficient.

With the ability to test the 5G-capable, double-screen LG V50 handset provided by business partner Magyar Telekom, visitors to the Ericsson stand were also given the chance to experience the impact of 5G technology for the average user, enjoying over 1 Gbps download speed.

Gábor Éry, Head of Ericsson Hungary, said: “The ITU Telecom World tradeshow is a great opportunity to showcase some of the industry-leading technology that Ericsson has been developing, and, of course, to demonstrate the efficiency of a live 5G network. Presenting demos with Magyar Telekom has garnered a lot of interest from attendees visiting our stand, and we look forward to interacting with them and delivering insightful presentations at the event.”