São José dos Campos is the first city in Brazil to have its traffic and municipal guard communications systems connected through Ericsson's Emergency Response system - a complete and flexible solution that integrates telephone, radio, data, video and image communications systems wherever constant access and availability are essential, allowing users to control and communicate urgent information quickly and efficiently, thereby helping to save lives, improve public safety and manage public services.

Since 2012, when the city started to invest in the implementation of a Smart City project the number of events handled by the Integrated Operations Center increased 15.5%, contributing more effectively to real-time protection of people and public buildings. In 2014, 1,542 incidents were observed compared to 1,335 in the previous year.

In addition, homicide rates are down in the city since the Integrated Operations Center's creation. Official data from the Secretary of State for Public Security notes that after the municipality's investment in ICT equipment for safety and security, the homicide rate went down from 10.21 to 8.29 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants.

Elvis de Jesus, Integrated Operations Center Coordinator and Regional Inspector of Municipal Civil Guard of São José dos Campos, says: "Crime and emergency response times are down because we decided to invest in high-tech safety and security equipment. Government bodies want to provide the services their citizens need and make sure our society is safe for everyone."