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Mar 28, 2024 | General press release



Mar 25, 2024 | General press release

Ericsson and du reach 16.7 Gbps download speed on 5G Standalone with 10 aggregated carriers

  • Ericsson and du tested 10 carriers per sector on a live 5G network, achieving up to 16.7 Gbps aggregated downlink speed.
  • Implementation is based on 5G standalone (SA) New Radio-Dual Connectivity (NR-DC) and carrier aggregation technologies
  • The trial opens the doors for differentiated Fixed Wireless Access experiences, and new opportunities for AR/VR and cloud gaming in the United Arab Emirates.

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Feb 28, 2024 | General press release

MWC 24 | 爱立信和中国移动合作的多维度节能技术荣获GTI 2024年度移动技术创新突破奖

日前,在2024世界移动通信大会(MWC2024)期间,爱立信和中国移动合作的多维度节能技术荣获“2024 GTI 年度获奖产品与方案—移动技术创新突破奖”(Innovative Breakthrough in Mobile Technology Award)。该奖项旨在评选上一年度中在移动通信技术上提供创新性方案并为产业做出杰出贡献的厂家。爱立信以基于意图的智能化实现和显著的节能效果荣获此奖,标志着这一技术创新受到了业界的充分认可,这将帮助运营商加快向智能化转型的步伐。

Feb 27, 2024 | News

Telefónica and Ericsson reinvent live entertainment with the power of 5G

Guests at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona (Spain) experienced technology, music and art united in a unique live and holographic concert by renowned Chinese pianist Lang Lang – a first-of-its-kind event made possible by the harmonious union of an Ericsson Private 5G network configured for 5G Standalone and 100MHz of Telefónica’s mid-band spectrum.  

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Feb 27, 2024 | General press release


世界移动通信大会(MWC)期间,Cradlepoint SmartSort联合展示了蜂窝互联AI支持环境可持续发展的用例,该演示也彰显了Cradlepoint全新嵌入式方案的成功。

Feb 27, 2024 | General press release

爱立信亮相MWC24: 以“为多而生”的硬核技术构建能力开放的差异化高性能可编程网络


Feb 26, 2024 | News

Börje Ekholm opens Ericsson Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona

As the pace of change gathers momentum across the telecom industry, Ericsson President and CEO, Börje Ekholm, says communications service providers, enterprises and developers can work in partnership with Ericsson to drive a fundamental change in the industry by building programmable cloud-based networks, and exposing the networks’ capabilities, to fully deliver the capabilities of 5G.

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Feb 26, 2024 | General press release

AT&T switches on Ericsson Cloud RAN on 5G commercial network

AT&T (NYSE: T) and Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) today announced that they have begun deploying Ericsson Cloud RAN technology on AT&T’s commercial 5G network.

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Feb 22, 2024 | General press release

Ericsson ConsumerLab Report: households shift toward 5G Fixed Wireless Access

  • 7 out of 10 households with 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) choose it as a full replacement for previously used connectivity   
  • Network satisfaction for 5G FWA is on par with fiber. Households using FWA indicate that it outperforms wired solutions in flexibility, customization and ease of installation 
  • ConsumerLab Report on 5G FWA provides service providers with value-based, performance-based and customization-based positioning strategies for capturing 5G FWA growth

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