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Feb 20, 2024 | News

Vonage and AT&T collaborate to provide network APIs to developers

Ericsson-owned Vonage and  American multinational telecommunications operator AT&T are collaborating to expand the power of the network for developers and enterprises through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). 

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Feb 15, 2024 | News

Vonage and AWS leverage Communications and Network APIs to deliver new solutions

A collaboration between Ericsson-owned Vonage and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will bring together Vonage’s platform - based on communications Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and network APIs - Ericsson’s 5G network capabilities and AWS services. The collaboration aims to accelerate the availability of new solutions to millions of AWS developers through AWS Marketplace.

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Feb 15, 2024 | News

Ericsson launches Explainable AI in Cognitive Software to accelerate AI adoption in network optimization

  • New capabilities enable shorter time to value from AI-based solutions 
  • Based on AI models trained on the largest, most diverse global data sets
  • Improves efficiency in RAN optimization

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Feb 15, 2024 | General press release

Telstra and Ericsson partner to orchestrate wireless services for network slicing

  • Telstra and Ericsson reach milestone in introduction of fully automated, operationalized and monetizable ready network slicing orchestration capability
  • Telstra is early customer for new solution, Ericsson Dynamic Network Slicing
  • Project aims to deliver advanced network slicing capabilities to Australian enterprises 


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Feb 15, 2024 | General press release

Ericsson launches Service Orchestration and Assurance to fuel CSP innovation

  • The new Ericsson Service Orchestration and Assurance product helps CSPs design and create services with greater efficiency, can be extended for network slicing, and comes with a range of associated professional services
  • New offerings set to fulfill demand from CSPs to streamline operations to achieve enhanced integration, streamlined processes and closed-loop automation
  • OSS/BSS evolution is essential for CSPs to take advantage of, and capture revenue from, the innovation sparked by the differentiated connectivity available through 5G and 5G SA

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Feb 15, 2024 | General press release

Enhanced Ericsson portfolio focuses on performance, sustainability and Open RAN

  • A comprehensive, future-proof radio portfolio prepared for Open RAN, offering communications service providers freedom of choice in evolving network architecture
  • Hardware and software innovations to maximize performance of a 5G multi-layer network (with low, mid, and high bands) and optimize user experience
  • AIR 3255, the most sustainable Massive MIMO radio to date with more than 25 percent energy savings, will incentivize mid-band deployment

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Feb 15, 2024 | General press release

Ericsson Mobility Report Business Review 2024: 5G business opportunities for CSPs

  • Four main business opportunity areas for communications service providers
  • Service aggregation and experience-based connectivity are the next steps to enabling effective differentiation and monetization of 5G
  • Case study highlights how 5G private networks enhance industry productivity

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Feb 09, 2024 | News

Ericsson’s AI-powered intent-based operations to deliver 5G premium services

  • An industry-leading solution that enables communications service providers to unlock the monetization of new services by consistently delivering differentiated connectivity services
  • Simplifies network operations by managing conflicting intents to meet the desired business outcomes 
  • Allows the network to respond, adapt and scale in a fully autonomous way to changes in network demands
  • Leverages one of the largest telco AI and automation use case libraries

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Jan 29, 2024 | Regulatory release

Ericsson appoints Chafic Nassif Head of Market Area North East Asia

  • Effective as of February 26, 2024
  • Becomes member of Ericsson's Executive Team, reporting to the CEO

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