Networks products and solutions

Network equipment comprises optical and microwave networks, routing and switching products that are simple, smart and scalable, and which allow you to handle broadband growth and ensure a smooth evolution to all-IP.

Who do we work with?

Ericsson operates a partner program in network equipment, with around 180 partner companies representing the network portfolio globally. Our partners range from highly successful small and medium-sized companies reselling portfolio, through to service-focused partners integrating the Ericsson network products into complex customer solutions.

Are you a potential partner?

We are looking for channel partners that:

  • Propose, resell or install Ericsson products within our Channel Partner portfolio. This includes Microwave Networks, Optical Networks, IP Network and Network Management Systems.
  • Integrate network solutions
  • Consult on business processes
  • Provide ongoing support as customers’ requirements evolve.
  • As an Ericsson Channel Partner, you will be part of an exclusive and limited program, acting as an ambassador for Ericsson and our core values of respect, professionalism and perseverance.

How we work with partners

Our partner program is about putting the customer first. When it comes to telecommunication technology, we realize that customers have different requirements and preferences in each of their business areas. That’s why our partner program incorporates an engagement model focused on reselling, consulting and systems integration in a range of business disciplines and geographical areas within the communications and other communications-dependent industries.

Is your company interested in gaining a competitive advantage and maximizing its opportunities?

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Networks Products and Services


Router 6000 is the industry’s high performing transport routers designed to eliminates the backhaul bottleneck with 10/100Gbps capacity, in a form factor that avoids stranded ports.

  • Router 6273
  • Router 6274
  • Router 6371
  • Router 6471
  • Router 6672
  • Router 6675
  • TDM 1001


MINI-LINK is the market-leading microwave family for cost-efficient transport networks.  
MINI-LINK offers market-leading link capacity, power efficiency and superior system gain.  MINI-LINK is flexibly supporting any frequency, any site type, switching & routing, and any type of sync. The installed base can be evolved in a cost-efficient way.

  • MINI-LINK 6600
  • MINI-LINK 6200
  • MINI-LINK 6352 - 10 Gbps

Fronthaul and Optical Transport

Fronthaul and optical transport includes Fronthaul 6000 and SPO 1400 POTP families.

Fronthaul 6000 is a flexible and cost-efficient wireless as well as active and passive fiber-based fronthaul solution.

SPO 1400 provides a full blended combination of transport technologies in a single, cost effective platform addressing current and future needs of access and metro transport network.

  • SPO 1400
  • Fronthaul 6000 Passive
  • Fronthaul 6000 Active
  • Fronthaul 6392

Network Manager

Ericsson Network Manager is an entirely unified Network manager with Universal applications for all Network technologies and with ease of navigation between apps, throughout the network and network layers creating a seamless and efficient operation.

  • Ericsson Network Manager