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Cable & Wireless: IP core upgrade and MPLS expansion

The Ericsson-Cisco partnership has been chosen by Cable & Wireless Communications, a leading telecommunications and entertainment provider Cable & Wireless Communications, to seamlessly upgrade its IP core and implement MPLS expansion across countries in the Caribbean and Latin America.

In a world where telecommunications has become a human right, reliability of service is paramount. Ericsson, in partnership with Cisco, has worked with over 100 customers in the last year, to seamlessly upgrade next-generation networks. In the journey to surpass customer expectations, the teams have been supporting Cable & Wireless (C&W) Communications in a multi-country upgrade, across the Bahamas, Jamaica and Barbados.

It’s like having two super competent, top-notch, technology leadership companies coming together and really complementing each other in what they do best.

Carlo Alloni, Executive VP and CTIO, Cable & Wireless

Networks spanning 42 countries

Networks spanning 42 countries

Cable & Wireless is a leading communications and entertainment services provider in the Caribbean and Latin America. Operating in 42 countries, it delivers world-class quality telecommunications services over mobile, broadband and fixed connectivity to 6 million subscribers.

Renowned for its reliability, user experience is at the core of its services, so the importance of innovating network experience without compromising service is crucial. While upgrading the network is already a complex operation, Cable & Wireless also faced a vast geographical spread. Its users span thousands of square miles and numerous countries. The challenge was to keep the consumer experience seamless, while carrying out complex network developments.

Trusted partnership

Trusted partnership

Cable & Wireless relied on Cisco and Ericsson for their IP core MPLS expansions. The IP backbone network in the Bahamas was upgraded to support traffic growth and improve performance on the fixed network; while the IP/MPLS network was successfully delivered in three different markets: Bahamas, Jamaica and Barbados.

With experience in scalable cross-market solutions the collaborative partnership could meet the geographical challenges with confidence. Cisco provided the routers and switches, and Ericsson supplied and installed the network management system while providing overall project management and customer support.

Carlo Alloni, Executive VP and CTIO, Cable & Wireless, explains why it was the perfect partnership: “It’s like having two super competent, top-notch, technology leadership companies coming together and really complementing each other in what they do best.”

The future of next-generation technology

The future of next-generation technology

More companies are looking for collaborative support to develop services for users and provide new solutions. Smart investment with the right partners is driving the journey to satisfy and surpass users’ expectations. Cisco and Ericsson formed a global business and technology partnership in 2015, combining our expertise to drive growth, accelerate innovation, and speed digital transformation demanded by customers across industries.

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