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A powerful partnership: creating the networks of the future

Our world is increasingly taking place online, driven by mobility, cloud, and digitization. It’s no longer enough for networks to provide a service – they must also be agile, autonomous and highly secure.

A powerful partnership: creating the networks of the future

Ericsson understands that by working with leaders in other industries, we are better positioned to meet customer demands and address new market challenges. Our partnership with Cisco will offer end-to-end leadership across network architectures. Together, we are creating the networks of the future.

The collaboration offers integrated, scalable, cross-market solutions that reduce complexity and costs while providing greater security. By combining expertise and conducting joint R&D, we can deliver value faster so customers can execute business goals more quickly.

A global collaboration

The next-generation strategic partnership will drive growth, accelerate innovation, and speed digital transformation.

Industry leaders

Over 300 customer engagements
More than 140 won deals won
Active in over 180 countries
A combined 56,000+ patents
USD 11 billion research and development investment
More than 76,000 services professionals
Over 48,000 engineers

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