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On the road to 5G

Join the journey to 5G, as we work with key industry partners to define, drive and launch the next generation in mobile technology.

We have already developed our vision, built test beds and won awards for our advances; tomorrow, get set for self-driving cars, remote-controlled robots and fixed wireless access, ready for 5G subscription uptake in 2020.

For further information on mobile and ICT patents and licensing, please get in touch.

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Patents and licensing

Ericsson is the largest holder of standard-essential patents for mobile communications in the world, and chances are you’ve experienced our innovation first hand on your handset. Our commitment to fair licensing ensures other companies benefit from our innovations as we advance towards the networked society. Find out more about what we do.

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Learn more about 5G

Ericsson has been a key driver of 5G development and deployment, working closely with collaborators to recognize and confront opportunities and challenges.

Inventor of the Year

Our annual award scheme recognizes the outstanding contributions of employees and their pioneering ideas.

Future technologies

A number of technologies shape tomorrow’s intelligent network platform. By evolving these technologies we evolve the network platform, a platform that will fundamentally change the way our societies innovate, collaborate, produce, govern and live sustainably.