OSS/BSS Services


Business and Operations Support Systems must connect, communicate, and collaborate effectively to deliver business operations efficiency and exceptional experiences.

We work with customers side by side as a trusted partner with the right level of service at every stage. We Advise, Build, Operate, and Ensure as needed - before, during and after discrete software implementation/integration and in larger end-to-end business transformations.

As a global company operating in over 180 countries, we have a wide geographic reach in combination with highly skilled resources locally and regionally.


Predicable outcome and fast TTM

Trusted partner with full accountability.

Predictive operations reducing TCO

Automated and data-driven operations.

Multi-cloud management

Optimized cloud deployments.


OSS/BSS is the combination of Business and Operations Support Systems. OSS/BSS is evolving to meet network service complexity and the ability to offer and monetize a wider range of differentiated products and services.  

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Advise Build Operate Ensure

5G enterprise architecture, and business transformation advisory

Deploy, integrate, test, upgrade and ADM services

Managed services, automated service management, and SD-WAN services

Security, cloud certification and performance