Cognitive Software


With 5G, Service Providers strive to transform essential parts of their operations to achieve optimal performance and return on investment. The key to successfully overcome these complex challenges, are vendor agnostic software solutions that leverage market-leading AI-technology and vast amounts of live traffic data.

With a decentralized innovation network able to directly capture the challenges of our global customers, we develop leading AI-technology that enables best-in-class user experience and network performance. Our Cognitive Software is a consolidated workspace of modules that work seamlessly together, across the network lifecycle, from planning through deployment and optimization.

It automates operational processes, democratizes the use of AI and by doing so empowers engineers – by freeing up time to focus on the complex problems that require the human brain’s unique ability for creative thinking. Due to our scale, we have access to vast amounts of highly granular real traffic data which makes our software perform with exceptional precision. 

Our advanced AI-enabled diagnostics and optimizers allow for fully closed loop optimization, turning network operations into truly cognitive systems. With insights that suggest the optimal action to resolve issues ahead of time, it is possible to both sustain the user experience and limit unnecessary expansions.



Actionable insights for superior user service experience


Easy integration with operational tools and technical architectures


Leveraging AI for operational excellence and digitalization


Increasing sustainability with cutting edge technology

Our range of products
Cognitive Planning

Proactively identify and solve network bottlenecks and poor RF environment.

Cognitive Optimization

Get most out of network investment, with the focus on network performance and end user experience.

Cognitive Software Overview