Product Support


Product Support addresses the needs of customers who require product and node level support with carrier grade performance for native products. ​Three fundamental support services for software and hardware can be chosen to fit customer needs:

Ericsson Basic Product Support: The software support service focuses on self-service support via a modern digitalized workspace for product level support, from a global central delivery organization. 

Ericsson Node Support​: The software support service for the customer who requires high performance on product and node level support with lead time commitment. Seamless customer experience is enabled through modern digitalized workspace, with access to world leading technology enhanced by people.

Ericsson Product Hardware Support: The support service for customers who want to benefit from fully OEM approved repair, parts and testing methods. The service provides a cost-efficient way to repair or replace all field replaceable units in a product.


Operational Risk Mitigation

Streamlined access to Ericsson Support and OEM approved hardware replacement.

Seamless Experience

Enabled by digitalized workspace of OMNI Network Channel.

TCO Reduction

Reliable and globally proven support competence and capabilities.