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Ericsson Network Orchestration and Assurance Services


In successfully implementing 5G network slicing, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) often encounter multifaceted hurdles. Formulating a strategic approach is pivotal to their successful commercialization of differentiated connectivity services.

To support CSPs along their OSS/BSS...


Accelerated service launch

Enabling accelerated launch of differentiated connectivity services for CSPs. 

Streamline implementation for faster time to revenue

Introducing new services to market faster, ensuring a faster time-to-launch and a higher rate of successful orders

Seamless vendor integration

Model-driven approach facilitating seamless integration with third-party systems through a codeless approach

Solution Brief

Let Ericsson OSS/BSS Services guide your transformation journey

Ericsson network orchestration and assurance services
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CSPs encounter multifaceted hurdles in achieving a successful implementation of differentiated 5G services. The formulation of a strategic approach is pivotal in the successful commercialization of differentiated connectivity, given the significance of network slicing as the key technology in 5G, fostering service innovation and new business models as the network transforms into a versatile platform for various industries. Additionally, a seamless integration approach is essential, emphasizing the need to integrate non-siloed ecosystems for the successful deployment of network slicing and other differentiated connectivity services. Navigating complexities, such as creating tailored and innovative services to meet evolving enterprise demands, adds further intricacy, leading to extended design-to-delivery cycles. Addressing these intricacies strategically is imperative for CSPs to effectively unlock the transformative potential of 5G use cases.  

To support CSPs’ evolution of OSS/BSS in the 5G journey, from inception to integration and managing platform operations to realize and operationalize network slicing and other connectivity solutions at scale, Ericsson Network Orchestration and Assurance services provides set of services that combine expertise of Ericsson to Advise, Build, Operate, and Ensure the best and fastest route to market for new services thereby minimizing risks:

  • Network slicing monetization: Market assessment, use case prioritization, value proposition, GTM and pricing strategy
  • Network slice readiness and operationalization: Technical assessment, Operationalization of NS strategy, evolution strategy
  • Multi-vendor integration and support: Dynamic Network Slicing Solution extendibility with integration of new vendors into network slice ecosystem
  • Automated Service Orchestration and Assurance platform operations: Overall performance monitoring of the platform enabled by AI/ML capabilities
  • Business-driven slice management and operations: Management of new slice templates based on tailored requirements and end to end automated business process operations