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Support Services


Technology enhanced by people  

The ultimate goal of network operations is to ensure high performing networks that deliver high quality end-user experience. Support Services combine technology leadership with a unique mix of global and local expertise to enable operators to meet their business objectives. We help our customers take advantage of Ericsson’s global support insights and innovations, transform network operations and be proactive. Ericsson Support portfolio drives value for our customers in their 5G and IoT journey and built on four building blocks:

  • Values to deliver a comprehensive suite of data-driven assets
  • Simplification to accommodate...

Support Services

The evolved network support services use artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics to detect and resolve network issues or anomalies before they impact the network performance. Network support services will ensure service continuity and optimized user experience for 5G use cases and ecosystems like private networks, network slicing or mission critical networks among others.

Support Services
Included portfolio
Product Support

Product Support, providing node level support with carrier grade performance for native products.

Network Support

Network Support, enables data driven fault isolation, fast issue resolution, stable and secure networks.

Service Continuity

Preemptive support, enables critical performance, simplifies operations and delivers service continuity.