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CNIS 1.3 Certified Vendors


Ericsson Cloud Native Infrastructure is specifically optimized for hosting cloud-native 5G applications. Providing the capability to deploy containers as a service (CaaS) over bare metal servers without the need for a virtualization layer, the infrastructure solution delivers a radically simplified architecture compared to running containers in virtual machines. By removing the virtualization layer from the cloud infrastructure, greater efficiency as well as improved automation and performance can be achieved.

Ericsson Partner VNF certification lab environment is replicated from the target live production environment in which Partner CNF is to be hosted. Certification lab is built on CNIS 1.3 including E-VNFM 20.7 and ECCD 2.19.1- Upgrade: 2.20.0

Included portfolio
Sinch (CNIS 1.3)

Cloud communications services for the enterprise sector, voice and video communications services