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Cloud Infrastructure


Ericsson's Cloud Infrastructure offers service providers with proven, and standards-based solutions for 5G network functions and applications. These fully system-verified on-premise cloud infrastructure solutions cater to both virtual and cloud-native applications.

With our market-leading NFVI solution and our latest Cloud Native...


Low Total Cost of Ownership

Low risk, fast and efficient infrastructure deployment and lifecycle management through fully system-verified solution.  Minimized distributed cloud complexity through centralized infrastructure management.

Faster time to market for new 5G services

Boost service agility with optimized infrastructure for 5G core cloud-native applications featuring automated LCM and seamless CI/CD integration, deployable across the network topology from the edge to central locations. 


Telco-grade, secure and 5G Core optimized infrastructure ensuring scalability and making your network ready for a hybrid cloud future. 

Included portfolio
Operations Manager Cloud Infrastructure

Simplifies distributed infrastructure management with a single pane of glass.

Cloud Native Infrastructure

System-verified bare metal CaaS infrastructure optimized for 5G core cloud-native applications.


System-verified virtualized infrastructure for virtual and cloud-native network functions.

BSP 8100

Last time buy June! A platform for telecom workloads, running in central office environments.