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Cloud Native Infrastructure


System-verified bare metal CaaS infrastructure for cloud native applications

Ericsson Cloud Native Infrastructure is specifically optimized for hosting cloud-native 5G applications. Providing the capability to deploy containers as a service (CaaS) over bare metal servers without the need for a virtualization layer, the infrastructure solution delivers a radically simplified architecture compared to running containers in virtual machines. By removing the virtualization layer from the cloud infrastructure, greater efficiency as well as improved automation and performance can be achieved.

The Ericsson Cloud Native Infrastructure solution can be distributed across central and edge sites to support numerous 5G services and use cases. The solution is based on Ericsson Cloud Container Distribution (a CNCF-certified CaaS), Ericsson Software Defined...


Total cost of ownership (TCO) savings

Through better hardware utilization with minimum infrastructure overhead, faster and more efficient infrastructure lifecycle management, seamless introduction of CI/CD and simplified deployment and network operations.


Through Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)-certified CaaS with “upstream-first” and “no-fork” design principles, open APIs and standardized architecture, and cloud-native design principles with Application Development Platform (ADP) microservices.

System-verified stack

With E2E verification and optimization for telco-grade cloud-native applications, service assurance (including centralized FM, PM, and logging), and E2E solution support and release management.

Included portfolio
Software Defined Infrastructure

The hardware layer of NFVI solution increases scalability elasticity and utilization of the datacenter.

Cloud Container Distribution

Based on Kubernetes, manages and orchestrates all cloud native applications.