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Cloud Execution Environment


Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment is a telco-grade virtual infrastructure manager (VIM) certified on OpenStack and OpenNFV. Deployed in our system-verified NFVI solution, it dynamically allocates resources for VNFs with telecom grade capabilities such as redundancy, high availability, high throughput with low latency, trusted tenant isolation, automatic virtual machine recovery, and more.

Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment is running commercially at more than 145 operators to provide efficient operations and optimized performance for their VNFs while securing an always-available cloud and NFV infrastructure.


Industrialized complete solution

Tested, integrated, and documented as part of our system-verified NFVI solution and Ericsson VNF certification program. Out of the box, with minimal systems integration work, it is ready to run real-world workloads, and can be easily deployed in various configurations ranging from 1 to 150 servers.

Optimized performance

NFVI settings such as huge pages, jumbo frames, NUMA awareness and pinning are already set to provide the best performance for virtual network functions. If deployed with software defined networking (SDN), it supports DCP IPv6 and dual-stack routing.

Open and future-proof

Supports native OpenStack APIs, certified OpenStack and is verified with OPNFV’s validation program (OVP) using the Dovetail test suite. Supports containerized workloads such as 5G applications. Open for multi-vendor applications and hardware platforms.

Key features

Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment uses these features to meet telco-grade needs for security, high availability, high throughput with low latency, trusted tenant isolation, and more:

  • Pre-hardened and benchmarked with CIS-CAT Level 2 – exceeding 80% success rate
  • Compute Monitoring High Availability (CMHA)
  • High availability northbound API with triplicated control planes
  • High throughput with low latency through OVS/DPDK, SR-IOV, and PF-PT (Physical Function Pass Through)
  • Fully automated VIM deployment
  • O&M interfaces supporting SNMP trap, 3GPP PM reports (xml), and In-Service Performance API
  • Tenant network management through Cloud SDN