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Authentication Federation Gateway


Ericsson Authentication Federation Gateway (AFG) is a virtualized, cloud-ready authentication and security platform that enables service providers to use an extensive and advanced set of device and service authentication mechanisms as well as the data protection required for core solutions. Ericsson AFG capitalizes on the security features of the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) and network-based authentication mechanism, offering a strong authentication framework from basic Single Sign-On (SSO) to Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA) mechanisms.


User benefits

Using AFG, consumers do not need to remember usernames and passwords, as these credentials will be automatically generated based on the information stored on the devices or smartcards. Consumers will be automatically authenticated and can access applications that would previously have required login pages.

Service provider business benefits

AFG is a scalable, cloud-ready, dual-stack platform (IPv6/IPv4) enabling service providers to deliver an extensive and advanced set of authentication, authorization, and security mechanisms for VoLTE, RCS, and IoT services.

Operator benefits

Ericsson AFG brings many benefits to operators, like strong authentication leveraging the proven security features, scripting engine providing a high level of customization/adaptation, and workflows enabling automated, faster and more secure installation and upgrades.