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Call Session Control Function


Ericsson Call Session Control Function (CSCF) is a central component of the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), managing all signaling from the end user to services and other networks. CSCF can control both fixed and mobile IMSs, containing functional modules to manage signaling from end user, allocating application servers, establishing emergency connections, and controlling communication with other networks.

CSCF can be deployed in multiple cloud environments, such as OpenStack, VMware, and Ericsson NFVI. It is also verified on Ericsson software-defined infrastructure (SDI) and can be delivered as a part of industrialized solutions.


Proven product

In commercial operation since 2005, Ericsson CSCF is the world’s most widely deployed and reliable CSCF (providing higher than 99.999 percent availability). It features the most field-tested interoperability with standard and non-standard interfaces, terminals, and legacy networks.

Feature richness

The Ericsson CSCF is known about its feature richness, including e.g. support for different security authentication procedures, several high availability and robustness features, and flexible charging mechanisms.

Flexible deployment alternatives

Ericsson CSCF provides flexible deployment alternatives, making it possible to start with a small system and increase capacity as traffic in the solution increases.