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SIP Trunking


Our Ericsson Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking service connects enterprise communications systems — such as private branch exchanges (PBX), unified communications (UC), and contact center solutions — to public telecom networks over an internet protocol (IP) connection. 

Ericsson SIP Trunking also offers regulatory, connection and control, and supplementary services, providing the flexibility to interwork with IP PBXs that support different types of routing mechanisms and connectivity options for both dynamic and static modes.


Consolidated infrastructure

The Ericsson SIP Trunking service enables businesses to consolidate their infrastructure by running voice and video connectivity on top of data connections, simplifying operations and enhancing efficiency.

Accelerated returns on investment (ROI)

With low capital investment costs and minimal upfront payments, organizations that switch to Ericsson SIP Trunking begin appreciating immediate cost savings.

Increased flexibility and scalability

The ability to easily add new offices and connect new users (both in office and remotely) makes our SIP Trunking solution flexible and scalable across multiple geographic locations.