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Virtual Private Network (VPN)


The Ericsson Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a software-based solution to define a virtual private network from existing physical telecommunications network elements, offering all the benefits of a physical private network, but with increased functionality and flexibility at lower costs. By providing virtual private branch exchange functionality, Ericsson’s VPN significantly increases employee availability while ensuring the cost control that enterprises demand.


Improved customer satisfaction

Studies show that at least 40 percent of mobile calls remain unanswered. This can have a major impact on brand value and lead to a loss of business. With the features like call diversion and hunt groups companies can improve their availability and increase their customer satisfaction. 

Flexible use of the service

The Ericsson Virtual Private Network enables enterprise users to automatically divert calls to any terminal in the company or alternatively to voicemail. Similarly, calls to the main company number can be allocated to hunt groups, helping callers get to the right person for their inquiries or to specific agents based on their availability.

Generate of new revenue streams

Ericsson Virtual Private Network allows service providers the ability to address a key concern of the enterprise business segment as well as attract a large base of high-volume users.


Ericsson Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution enables service providers to offer enterprise-oriented services, such as integrating a company’s fixed and mobile users into a single virtual network and allowing multiple numbering plans and company-defined rules, serving both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

The main purpose of VPN is to manage telephone costs for companies. Ericsson VPN offers close to 100 features, including private numbering plans, call diversion, outgoing call screening, personal/business calls, unique numbers, hunting, and more. Advanced features such as cross-border VPN support international, multi-country, and company-to-company on-net calling. Our data management features enable statistical reporting, and we enable self-provisioning for both system administrators and individual users.

Ericsson VPN supports the integration of different types of access networks, which enables VPN functionality for mobile, PBX, and VoLTE users. It can be installed on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware using virtualization software that provides a cost-efficient integration within the service provider’s domain. Ericsson Virtual Private Network provides also the experience of having corporate mobile phones integrated with a company’s virtual private branch exchange (PBX) in a single business communication environment. For smaller companies, the Ericsson VPN can be deployed as a replacement for company PBXs. This virtual PBX environment provides greater accessibility for both employees and the business while providing features and charging options that give businesses greater control over costs.

Ericsson Virtual Private Network is one of the main applications in the Ericsson Next-Generation Intelligent Network  (NGIN) application suite.

Using Ericsson’s NGIN applications, service providers can grow their service revenue through greater end user intimacy, allowing end users to always communicate according to their specific individual needs and conditions.