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VoLTE for Unified Communication


Enterprise mobility and flexibility is increasing. Modern workforce users are becoming more mobile and more collaborative but enabling collaboration from native dialer is not easy. The current typical end user mobile experience is that there are no Unified Communication features accessible from native dialer, there is no quality of service, the calls through the OTTs are a best effort service through open internet and the calls are unstable. This is unproductive in today’s market.

Since business users work from different locations, they need to collaborate from any of their devices including from the mobile devices and reachable through different personas and still have access to their enterprise features (presence status, name presentation, hunt groups) and their collaboration environment. The business users would like to...


Differentiating enterprise offering

Business users are moving towards using their mobile phones as their primary business communication device. They use mobile communications in the office, at customer sites, while traveling and when working from home. With VoLTE for Unified Communication solution, the service providers can differentiate their enterprise communication offerings by leveraging the high quality mobile experience. Mobile operators can leverage their installed base Ericsson VoLTE networks and can define a differentiated and convergent enterprise offering providing HD quality voice calling together with enterprise features and collaboration tools- Through this the service providers will be able to retain enterprise customers, attract new enterprise customers, increase revenues and margins.

Helping operator business

VoLTE for Unified Communication solution is designed to help operators to:

  • Provide Network Integrated VoLTE Converged UC Services
  • Increased Revenue by selling more Fixed & Mobile Services
  • Faster Time-to-Market (with Ericsson pre-verified Partner UC Solutions)
  • One Exposure Interface Between Standard VoLTE Network and Unified Collaboration Solutions
  • Compatibility with Future VoLTE Related Services & features

Improving communication services for enterprises

Enterprises will benefit from improving the communication services capabilities for their employees, combined with company cost-benefits:

  • Customer interaction – more easily reachable on the mobile phone for customer calls
  • Company administration & control
  • Enterprise policy across all calls – mobile and fixed
  • Cost control and savings
    • Free On Net incl mobile calls, controlled roaming, converged mobile/fixed billing
  • Productivity
    • Business calls on native dialer w/o app. Collaboration on any device
  • Business needs
    • Enterprise apps with UC and CRM and any device of choice