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Cloud Core Data-Storage Manager


Cloud Core Data-Storage Manager is the commercial realization of the 3GPP Network Functions UDR and UDSF

The Cloud Core Data-Storage manager (CCDM) is a Telco-grade database, designed to provide the major robustness and higher service availability required in the telecom market. Its main characteristics are: Real-time access, high throughput, low latency, high availability, multiple redundancy mechanisms, network congestion handling, high capacity and scalability, and ensured data consistency and durability.

The CCDM is a key component of the Ericsson 5G Core solution and allows the centralization of subscription plus other data and structuring it to provide an optimal access.

CCDM realizes the User Data Repository (UDR) and Subscription Profile Repository (SPR) entities standardized by 3GPP and is designed according to...

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