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Cloud Core Subscription Manager


Cloud Core Subscription Manager (CCSM) is the commercial realization of the 3GPP 5G Network Functions (NF’s) UDM/ARPF and AUSF, as well as HSS (EPC, IMS), and EIR for 3G, 4G and 5G domains, which implies improved efficiency, with OPEX and CAPEX reduction.

CCSM is key part of 5G Cloud Core helping operators to evolve their access and service networks to cope with new market demands, aligned with 5G standards and clous opportunities, providing:

  • User identification and authentication
  • User and device authorization
  • Access and mobility management
  • Subscriber data management
  • Harmonized service experience for different types of end-users (eMBB,...

Multi-access coexistence and smooth migration scenarios

Subscription Manager for all.
Consolidated subscription data model for all access types 2G/3G/4G and 5G (NR-SA, NR-NSA), including authentication credentials. Seamless 5GC to EPC mobility, avoiding data and voice services interruptions, thanks to UDICOM standard interface, from UDM and Legacy HSS-FEs.

Deployment flexibility for network efficiency and operational cost reduction

Dual Mode 4G/5G capabilities by introduction of cloud native HSS and EIR network functions, with flexible deployment as combined CNF or standalone. OPEX reduction, with a common O&M and Network integration activities. CAPEX reduction in infrastructure, driven by the efficient use of common resources.

High performance and resilience

Most advanced mechanisms for resilience and redundancy, both on internal microservice level and network level with N+k redundancy.