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User Data Consolidation


Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solutions lie at the heart of modern telecommunication networks, providing identity management and granting users access to the different network services. As communication services continue to evolve, more database capacity has become a requirement, leading to a higher total cost of ownership (TCO) and a more fragmented view of customer data for silo-based networks.

With Ericsson User Data Consolidation (UDC), we turn these network data silos into a single, unified database, delivering state-of-the-art implementation of Data Layered Architecture (DLA) technology to provide greater efficiency in data management...


High availability

High availability and overload protection mechanisms:

  • The most advanced mechanisms for resilience and redundancy, both on internal and network levels.
  • Cooperative load regulation between business engine node/functions and subscriber data repository.

Deployment flexibility

Deployment flexibility for network efficiency and operational cost reductions:

  • Virtualized or physical data deployment options for the products within UDC, supporting 2G/3G/4G and 5G access types.
  • Flexible integration of different applications.

Faster Provisioning

UDC offers a single point of provisioning to all application services.

  • No provisioning needed in front ends, only in the common back end database
  • LTE and VoLTE auto-provisioning