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Interconnect and Transit

Ericsson Interconnect and Transit solutions include functionality for the following areas:
  • Interconnect - security, interoperability, charging and routing for VoLTE-VoLTE Interconnect, and advanced routing capability for replacing old legacy networks.
  • Interwork - communication interworking when surrounding user equipment do not comply with 3GPP standards (like missing precondition capability support and forking interoperability).
  • Voice transit -supports regional, national, and international transit for wireline, mobile, and SIP voice.
  • IP Transit - enables IMS operators to offer connectivity to other service providers.

Cost savings

Interconnect and Transit solutions provide improved service operability, better voice quality and bandwidth savings. Already installed VoLTE base products can be used for VoLTE Interconnect using same hardware. Converged Transit Controller provides also a call mediation node (CMN) function, which enables transit functionality on call control without forcing the user plane through media gateway node.

Proven products

Interconnect and Transit products are in commercial use for a wide variety of applications, including wireline, mobile, VoLTE, and ViLTE. There are more than 200 operators using Ericsson interconnect, interwork or transit solutions.

Flexible deployment alternatives

Interconnect and Transit solutions are available also in virtual products supported on different hypervisors and HW platforms. For quick and easy deployment, certified solutions in Ericsson environment are also available.

Included portfolio
Multimedia Telephony Application Server

An application server for voice and multimedia applications providing cost efficient services.

Call Session Control Function

Manages all signaling from end-user to services and other networks allowing convergence of networks.

Session Border Controller

A product to guarantee security and interoperability between IMS and other networks.

Converged Transit Controller

A solution for any kind of voice transit needed, it supports international transit for wireline.