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Converged Transit Controller


Ericsson’s Converged Transit Controller (CTC) is a feature-rich, proven solution for all of today’s voice transit needs. Supporting regional, national, and international transit for wireline, mobile, and SIP voice, the Ericsson Converged Transit Controller is available as a native Converged Transit Controller or as a virtualized Converged Transit Controller (vCTC).

In addition to the standard transit mode, the Converged Transit Controller also provides a call mediation node (CMN) function, which enables transit functionality on call control without forcing the user plane through a media gateway node. Here,  our long-lasting transit experience is combined with the latest cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless evolution supporting transit for enriched communications.


Feature richness

CTC has advanced call and session routing capabilities along with call detail record (CDR) generation for accounting. In addition to its classic transit role, it can also function as a proxy for SIP, SIP-I, and BICC.

Operational efficiency

Using transit layer simplifies the network topology reducing the complexity of operating and expanding networks.

Superior redundancy

Using ultra-high capacity CTC nodes with superior inbuilt redundancy combined with network resilience features, service providers can build a cost-efficient, scalable, and highly available transit network.