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Multimedia Telephony Application Server


Ericsson Multimedia Telephony Application Server (MTAS) is a carrier-class application server for voice and multimedia, providing cost-efficient services for next-generation mobile and fixed networks. It provides superior energy efficiency, capacity, scalability, reliability, and a low footprint.

MTAS supports legacy telephony services as well as future services, such as multi-device applications and multimedia services, over multiple accesses (including fixed, mobile, and Wi-Fi). This provides an ideal first step to replace legacy networks, introduce VoLTE, and offer an evolution for future end user services.


Sustain revenue with first-line mobile communications

MTAS is a key enabler of the rollout of VoLTE and Video over LTE (ViLTE) based on IR.92 and IR.94 specifications, making mobile telephony evolution easier and simpler. To date, Ericsson has a long, successful track record of VoLTE network deployments in commercial services around the world.

Fast launch and smooth evolution for IN services in VoLTE

In order to speed up the launch of VoLTE, MTAS supports reuse of relevant IN services from existing IN-based service layers. Through a northbound API, MTAS also enables the evolution of new services as well as support for multimedia services that legacy IN protocols cannot support.

Support for Wi-Fi calling

MTAS has supported Wi-Fi calling in commercial operations for many years, with its built-in multi-device capability as an excellent base to enhance these offerings further over time in support of additional capabilities introduced by the device industry.